scandagliando la rete

Ooops, I forgot, there was a fabulous exhibition somewhere in a wooden gallery!

I smashed my face in Lithuania

This is how I should rename my blog. 
Finally my life has become more adventurous after a crash with Cleo on a curb, trying to escape from a stray dog.
Well done! I experienced Lithuanian hospital and National Health Service, got 6 stitches on my chin and scared my mum at the airport 12 hours later. 
That’s the main news but there are some more. I refurbished my room, did a canoe trip with my primary school best friend – he lives in Poland now – worked on new clients – at least new for me – and discovered that finally I like smoked salmon… might be the time to give another chance to sushi.
Pics in the next post.
Ah, my parka is flailing to leave the cupboard, summer is ending… exactly when I book a weekend in Nida. 

What we see when we read by Peter Mendelsund

Jack Kerouac’s letter to his wife.

The world you see is just a movie in your mind.

Rocks dont see it.

Bless and sit down.

Forgive and forget.”

Bignik, the biggest picnic ever takes place every year in Switzerland.
Could someone remind me of it next summer?

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” by Paul Cummins.

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